Sustainability  focused advisory 

Ansa addresses a growing demand from stakeholders,

investors, and company owners for sustainability driven value

  • Sustainability is gaining traction in general and with investors. The circular economy concept is driving investors and owners to :

    • Rethink their business models for the 21st century

    • Identify new investment opportunities

  • Indeed, sustainability is a source of value creation:

    • ​Improved EBITDA through resource efficiencies 

    • Enhanced value multiples through sustainability related growth opportunities

    • Additional deal flow

  • Investors, companies and funds have an opportunity to embrace the trend:

    • Identify value creative Sustainability Initiatives at operational companies

    • Raise one’s sustainability positioning with investors and stakeholders

    • Find related new investment opportunities

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Delivering Sustainable Value in the Low Carbon Transition

Strategy Consulting
  • Sustainability strategy at company / fund global level: enshrine the process and meet stakeholders / investors demand.

  • Sustainability Value Initiatives (SVI) at operational / portfolio companies level: develop sustainability roadmaps and decarbonization pathways, generate higher EBITDA and value multiples.

  • Implementation follow-up: ensure actions are implemented and savings achieved (participate to companies Sustainability Committees, etc.).

  • Leverage Sustainability Initiatives and case studies for communication to stakeholders.

Advisory Services
  • Sustainability Sectors analysis per sector / asset class: anticipate deal flow and strategic opportunities driven by sustainability megatrends.

  • Deal sourcing  / conducting due diligence relating to certain acquisitions opportunities.

  • Investor relations: develop sustainability components and differentiation story to be used in equity story / IPO documents, etc.

  • Non Executive Directorships: serving either as a nominated member or an independent member of the Board of Directors of a  company.

Doing best by doing good

Cost saving and return actions

Shifting toward more sustainable and cost-efficient operations, value chain and “Green sales”/marketing (e.g. reducing its energy use, consumptive material use, carbon footprint, setting decarbonization targets, etc.)

Delivered Sustainable Value

Ansa favors a long term relation with its clients where it accompanies implementation of circular strategies up to the delivery of projects and their translation into concrete numbers and financial results.

Risk management actions

Improving regulatory, reputation and operational risk management (e.g. ESG compliance, Health and Safety requirements, Carbon disclosure, etc.)​

New growth prospects/
strategic shifts

In response to sustainability megatrends, changing the composition of the business portfolio, being innovative/creating new products and reaching new customers/markets.


About Ansa

In Latin, Ansa means close loop, or safe harbour, symbolizing the Circular Economy.

It also means opportunity.

Ansa helps its clients grasp Circular Economy Opportunities,

optimizing their resources loops and leveraging strategic shifts driven by sustainability megatrends.


ANSA is managed by a team with a 30+ year experience, leveraging an international experts network

Henry Saint Bris 
Founder and President of Ansa Services

Independent Board member and Senior Advisor for large corporations and private equity funds.


Former Chief Strategy Officer for the SUEZ group and member of the Strategic Committee, and Group’s Marketing and Institutional Relations SVP, pioneering Circular Economy initiatives with the European Commission, the World Economic Forum (Advisory Board Member) or the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


Founder of Ernst & Young Environnement in Paris in 1992.


Diploma from IEP Paris and Paris IX Dauphine, post graduate degree in Environment Management and Engineering from Ecole des Mines de Paris, AMP at Harvard Business School.


Board member of US based Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF), regular lecturer on the subjects of resources, environment and the Circular Economy, including at Harvard and Sciences Po.
Pauline Gasquet

Pauline has an avid interest for the environment and has worked as an engineer in the water treatment industry in both India and the Netherlands. 

She joined Ansa Services in 2019 and has been working on several Sustainability Value Initiatives for infrastructure funds portfolio companies as well as Sector Sustainability Value Screens, while taking an active part in business development. 

Pauline has a Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Sciences from Paris-Descartes University and the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity as well as a Master in Water Technology from Wageningen University of Research

Jean-Gabriel Boinot
Part Time Analyst

Jean-Gabriel was part of several entrepreneurial projects before becoming a management consultant.


He then joined a Private Equity fund specialized in Renewable energy in the infrastructure team. 

He joined Ansa Services in 2018 and performed several Sustainability Value Initiatives for infrastructure funds portfolio companies.


Jean-Gabriel has a Bachelor in Economics from Panthéon-Sorbonne University and a Master in Finance from EM Lyon.